‘South Park’ savages Penn State


Warning right up front: This is for people with mature senses of humor only. If you have a low insult threshhold or you’re a Penn State alumnus, please click away now.

Still here? OK. When Matt Stone and Trey Parker turn their twisted satirical humor on a target, they will usually bomb it back into the stone age by the time they’re through. That was the case last night when they turned South Park into a savage attack on the child abuse scandal at Penn State. Here’s a sample:


The whole episode, entitled “The Poor Kid” was rife with Happy Valley rips. And no one escaped scorn, from Joe Pa to the system that allowed Sandusky access to kids.

That social worker you saw in the clip, who was handing out his head shot to everyone, even children, later stumbles into a torture chamber inside the foster home where he placed Kenny and his siblings. "What have I done?” he moans. “ I took you kids from your parents, without even checking in to where you were going. I put innocent children into a dangerous environment. What am I ... a recruitment coach for Penn State?"

“The Poor Kid” was the season finale for South Park. Way to go out with a bang, boys.

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