Sinatra was a cleanliness nut

Was Frank Sinatra the greatest American singer ever? Perhaps. But he was certainly the cleanest.

The Jersey native took 12 showers a day, according to his widow, Barbara in her new memoir Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank.

In her new memoir, Barbara Sinatra reveals that Frank was hooked on "rinse and repeat".

In the book, Sinatra’s fourth and final wife says the show biz icon, who died in 1998, hit the tiles ”about 12 times a day and always smelled like lavender”.

His obsession with cleanliness explains why he always signed notes to his wife “Charlie Neat”.

Not so neat when he was drinking though. Barbara writes than gin “made him mean” and that she would immediately leave the room if she saw an open bottle of gin on the counter.

Maybe when Ol’ Blue Eyes sang in “My Way”, “And now, the end is here/And so I face the final curtain”, he meant the shower curtain.


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