Shocking twists on ‘The Voice’


The intensely concerned air with which Carson Daly took the stage at the opening of The Voice last night made me worry that perhaps war had broken out. Or Smash had been canceled. Or some other national catastrophe had occured.

But no. He was in a dither to announce a sudden rule change. After Team Blake and Team Christina faced off tonight, their coaches would be faced with an immediate elimination. That is, one member from each team would walk the plank. The people’s Voice be damned. We’re going with Stalinist rules.

The upshot of that decision was more than a little shocking. But before we get to that, I wanted to include this video of Christina and a cast of thousands (including the Crenshaw High School Choir) singing “Fighter” on last night’s show. Why? Because it’s over-produced awards show crazy, that’s why.

Anyway back to our results. After Jesse, Ashley, Lindsey and Chris had performed, Ms Aguilera, using her customary “I have to go with my gut” illogic, sent Jesse Campbell packing. After he sang Beyonce’s “Halo” so well with heart-tugging pictures of his daughter looming on the screens behind him.

That was just mean, XTina. And kind of stupid. I’m no platinum fashion plate like you, but from where I sat, Jesse was better than either of the girls you kept.

Then it was Blake’s turn to get it wrong. He dropped Jordis Unga, after she went all Cinderella to sing the Sara Evans ballad “A Little Bit Longer”. Well, you knew it wasn’t going to be RaeLynn whom Blake seems to have a major crush on. Even after her dubious circuit of the Hee Haw set.

Maybe this instant elimination isn’t such a great idea. Did Christina and Blake get it right? Who would you have let go?



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