VIDEO: See the explosive trailer for ‘24: Live Another Day’

At first it was confusing. Short 15 second segments of violent chaos with no context…but at the end of each, that distinctive, nerve-shattering, sweep-of-the-clock sound. The urgent siren call for Jack Bauer and 24.

The clips were shown interstitially during Sunday's big game in four segments, beginning with a Union Jack being pocked with bullets, then anarchy on the streets of London, then Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) dragging a girl with a punk haircut through the whirling smoke. She lifts her head. Yes, it’s Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub), looking like a video game action hero. Then Jack raises his weapon and fires, screaming. Intense!

Near the end of the game, Fox tied all the segments into one trailer and reshowed it. You can be excused if you missed it. The score was something like 244 – 6 at that point. So here’s the trailer in its entirety.

The 12-part event, 24: Live Another Day, starts May 5.

Having trouble seeing the video below? Click here.

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