Rock star’s short crime spree

 Michael Todd, the bass player for Coheed and Cambria probably isn’t cut out for a life of crime.

Yesterday afternoon in Attleboro, Mass., Todd walked into a Walgreen’s and showed the pharmacist a message on his cell phone in which he claimed to have a bomb.

Hard to say what part of this caper is more unbelievable: that it worked (Todd took off with six bottles of the addictive painkiller Oxycontin) or that the musician then jumped into a waiting cab and sped to the Comcast Center in nearby Mansfield where his band was opening last night for Soundgarden.

Todd was arrested backstage before the show. Coheed and Cambria, a high concept hard rock band played the gig without him. (See the group in a live performance earlier this year, below)

The abortive robbery raises a couple of questions. Why did Todd show the pharmacist a message instead of simply stating his demand? Maybe he was saving his voice for the concert? And did he really think using a cab as a getaway car was a smart move?

Not a well thought-out plan, dude.

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