Phillies’ taser boy gets even

It took five security members and a taser to halt this rally-towel-waving teen on the field at a Phillies-Cardinals game in May. Thirty seconds of evading cops, creating a scene funny enough for Ryan Howard to bury his face in laughter and causing a near-riot in Citizens Bank Park landed Steve Consalvi with much more than the nickname "Taser Boy." He also received local and national media attention, six months of probation and, in his words to his father leading up to his brazen decision to run onto the field, "a once-in-a-lifetime experience." (STEVEN M. FALK / Staff Photographer)


It was a shocking way to become a You Tube sensation.

Last May, in the eighth inning of a game between the Phillies and the Cards, Steve Consalvi, then 17, jumped on the field and began playing you-can’t-catch-me with a group of frustrated groundskeepers. Waving a white rally towel, Consalvi lead them on a merry chase.

Then a policeman tasered the kid in front of 40,000 fans who got to see Consalvi do a sliding face plant on the Citizens Park grass. Instant viral hit.

Tonight on Comedy Central’s Tosh.O, Consalvi, a Montgomery County resident, is offered “redemption” by the show’s host. (A clip from Consalvi’s segment can be seen below. Notice he’s wearing the same National League Champions jersey he was during his broken-field sprint).

What exactly does redemption mean? Does he get to run around the field to his heart’s content? Does he get to tase the policeman? You’ll have to tune in at 10 p.m. to find out.

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