OK Go + Muppets = Genius music video

You who are about to rock, we salute you

 It was a marriage made in pop culture heaven. Then coated in cheese. Then deep fried.

 OK Go, the band which has created some of the most memorable and most downloaded music videos ever, taking on the the Muppets Show, with the help of Sgt. Floyd Pepper, Sam the Eagle, Camilla the Chicken and the rest of the plush cast.

The result: "The Theme Song from the Muppet Show" as you’ve never seen or imagined it (see video below). The mayhem begins when Sweetums swats some delicate machinery and doesn’t end even after the fat Valkyrie sings. Make sure you stick around until Dr. Teeth makes his appearance because the ending is wild, with one finale crashing into another.

Meanwhile the musical accompaniment ranges from moog-heavy to fuzz box to calliope. It’s enough to make Statler and Waldorf stick their fingers in their ears. But it has a beat. Right, Animal?

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