Nicolas Cage: A punchline on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Jake Gyllenhaal gives a Cagey performance in 'Source Code'.

Elton John served as both host and musical performer on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend. There were memorable cameos from Tom Hanks and NBA star Carmelo Anthony.

But it was a skit wedged into ‘Weekend Update’ that got the biggest laugh.

Seth Meyers introduced a new segment, ‘Get Into the Cage’, with Nicolas Cage (a recurring, and always amusing impersonation by Andy Samberg) talking craft with another actor, in this case Jake Gyllenhaal – the real one (see video below).

Cage/Samberg demanded to know why he wasn’t in Gyllenhaal’s thriller ‘Source Code’, which opened on Friday.

 “Maybe you were too busy,” said a meek Jake.

“No! No!.” thundered Cage, “I’ve made two movies a month for the last five years. I’m never too busy…’

He also lectured Gyllenhaal on the most essential quality for a film actor: an ever-changing hairline, one that recedes and returns like the tide.

What do you think? Should ‘Get Into the Cage’ become a regular sketch on ‘SNL’?


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