New show (no joke): ‘Vanilla Ice Goes Amish’

Just when you think reality TV can no longer shock you (Pregnant and Dating?), it comes up with a new wrinkle.

Try this one on: Vanilla Ice Goes Amish. That’s right, tattooed ‘80s rapper Vanilla Ice who gave us “Ice Ice Baby” and not much more, is going to live in an Amish community in Ohio to learn their construction techniques.

His indoctrination will form the basis for a series on the DIY channel later this year.

Also getting a series on DIY is Daryl Hall, a member of the Philly Music Hall of Fame and devout renovator. He’ll be refitting a farmhouse in Connecticut for the cameras next year.

Vanilla Ice is no construction tyro, in case you were wondering. He already has had a DIY series, The Vanilla Ice Project in which he refurbished a Palm Beach mansion with his power-tool posse.

Now he’ll have to learn how to do it unplugged.


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