‘Modern Family’’s little monster


There’s discord in every family, right? Even the very model of a Modern Family. But who would have guessed that the devilish trouble maker on the set of the ABC hit and Emmy darling would turn out to be adorable little Lilly?

One of the funniest moments on last night Emmy Awards was this packaged bit from the show that won Outstanding Comedy Series for the third straight year. It shows a side of young Aubrey Anderson-Emmons that is deeply troubling.


Which of her misbehaviors did you find most amusing? I kind of liked when Sofia Vergara complimented her on how cute she looked, and Aubrey wailed, “Can somebody tell me what she’s talking about?”

Just to give credit where credit is due, that was Ken Jeong as the replacement that Ed O’Neill is, um, grooming to take Aubrey’s place. That is, was grooming, before his unfortunate accident.



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