Miley Cyrus's bootylicious video is on fire

Our little Hannah Montana is all grown up. Gulp!

The mature, punky and rebellious side of tabloid party girl Miley Cyrus has found its full expression in the video of her new single, "We Can't Stop".

It may be a transparent effort to borrow Rihanna's aura, but people are dgging it. In just a few days, "We Can't Stop" has been downloaded nearly 30 million times. And that number is rising fast.

As Miley sings, "It's my mouth/I can say what I want" But mostly it's her ass. Lots and lots of Miley's ass. This may be the most bootylicious clip since the lusty heyday of Sir Mix-A-Lot.

But there's so much more in this wild video -- from lady wrestling to the silliest pair of platform shoes we've ever seen. The 20-year-old sports a shiny gold grill; she twerks; she makes out in the pool with a collectible doll version of herself.

Plus, let's face it: what is Miley's best tune to date. Crazy town was never so catchy. We can't stop watching it.




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