Michael Phelps’ training regimen: Snoop, Bunk, ‘The Wire’


Michael Phelps’ is a couple of pool lengths from Olympic history. If the lanky natator takes three medals of any ore in London, he will be the most decorated Olympian in any sport.

So how is he preparing for his swim with destiny? As he explained to Ryan Seacrest in an interview on Today, mostly by watching TV shows. “I started The Wire and I’m touching up on Breaking Bad.”

Here’s the entire segment.

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Really? Omar? Stringer Bell? It’s hard to think of any characters in the annals of television who seem less chlorinated. But Phelps is a Maryland native so that may explain his attraction to HBO’s grim saga of Baltimore. Anyway, this is his fourth Olympics. It’s pretty safe to assume he knows how to get ready at this point.



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