Matt Damon gets revenge on Kimmel

Actor Matt Damon gets revenge on Jimmy Kimmel. (AP Photo)

It’s one of the longest running gags on television. For a decade, Jimmy Kimmel has been announcing Matt Damon as a guest, and then declaring at the end of the show that they ran out of time and will have Damon on soon.

This went on for years, with Damon acting as if he was furious at the discourtesy of the continuous snub. Well, last night, Kimmel, ensconced in his new time slot, declared that Thursday would be the historic night when Damon actually would get some couch time. Here’s a teaser of what tonight will bring. Isn’t that an evil laugh Damon has?


Kimmel and Damon have some history when it comes to exactin revenge. Several years ago, Kimmel’s then girlfriend Sarah Silverman released a music video bragging that she was having wild sex with Damon. A humiliated Kimmel responded with a memorable video of his own. And it went like this:





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