Mad Maks blasts judges on ‘DWTS’


Things got a little testy on Dancing with the Stars last night. Wait, let’s try that again. Things got downright nasty on ABC’s ballroom blitz as Max Chmerkovskiy went after judge Len Goodman when the British judge once again criticized Maks’s partner Hope Solo.

See for yourself.

What was your favorite line in that throwdown? I’m going with Maks’s response to Goodman’s statement, “I’ve been in this business for nearly 50 years.” “Maybe it’s time to get out,” said Maks. Oooh! Take off the tap shoes; them’s fightin’ words!

Still on air up in the balcony, Maks got more tiffed after the judges posted a score of 20 for the pair. (In their defense, Hope, who wears a knit wool shawl to a rumba? Were you channeling Mother Hubbard?)

“With all due respect, this is my show,” Chmerkovskiy said. “I helped make it what it is.”

Afterwards he said to reporters, “It just kind of came to the point where I kind of had enough. It’s like give us a bad score, don’t call us out…Don’t tell me it was your worst dance of the season because you’re an idiot, you know it’s not true. I’ve also danced for 27 years and I’ve won more titles than Len ever even participated in.”

At the end of the night, J.R Martinez and Ricki Lake sat atop the leader board. And Chaz Bono brought up the rear with that distracting Phantom of the Opera mask. I think it was a Phantom mask. Maybe he was playing the disfigured Richard Harrow on Boardwalk Empire.

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