Million dollar price tag for Oprah’s finale

You want to advertise on Oprah Winfrey’s final show next month? Get ready to write a check with a lot of zeroes. Winfrey is commanding $1 million. For a 30-second spot.

Only a handful of popular prime time shows have cracked the Midas barrier. To put this in perspective, the finale of Lost last season earned $900,000 for the same interval.

Oprah should be excited. She's about to break the bank.

But this is daytime, where until now, such a pricetag was unthinkable.

Of course this is Oprah, our country’s queen mother. There are websites devoted to counting down the seconds to Oprah’s last broadcast. (We’re at 1 month, 12 days and change if you’re interested.)

What in the world will O do to put a ribbon on 25 seasons? Maybe interview Cleopatra and Tyler Perry. Maybe call down the Rapture.

Her production company promises a “bombshell”. Will it be worth $33,000 a second?


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