Look who’s in the studio with Paul McCartney VIDEO

Is there any music as universally loved as that of Paul McCartney and the other Liverpudlians he used to jam with?

Apparently Sir Paul can still draw a pretty diverse crowd, judging by this new video for “Queenie Eye” from his latest album, New.

It starts out with Pauly alone in the legendary Abbey Road Studio. But soon he’s joined by a remarkable throng of actors, designers and models. Did you ever dream you’d see Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Sean Penn, Jude Law, Jeremy Irons, Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Tom Ford and so many other luminaries in the same room? BTW, that’s actress Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness) dangling herself atop the piano.

By the time the song moves into high gear, the studio looks like the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s.

VIDEO: Paul McCartney - Queenie Eye (Official Video)


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