Letterman responds to vandal

Surveillance footage of the uninvited, inebriated visitor


Poor David Letterman. The guy seems to be a magnet for criminality.

First there was his persistent stalker, then the guy who tried to extort him for hush money and now a messy burglar. Late Sunday night NYPD arrested a man who, after marking his territory, broke into the Ed Sullivan Theater where The Late Show is taped.

Last night Letterman responded to what he jokingly called “the crime of the century”. First he went into a long and amusing tangent about a drunken visit to Manhattan he had taken while in college. Then he delivered his trademark Top Ten List, in this case, Excuses of the Guy Who Broke into the Ed Sullivan Theater (you can see video of the bit, below).

Among the highlights, #6: “Didn’t feel like walking 14 blocks to vandalize Regis’s studio.”

Letterman was in fine form, but what’s with that blond-tinged hair he has going on? Is David using Sun-In?

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