Last night on ‘Downton Abbey’


Have you noticed all the backlash against Downton Abbey in its second season? Ooh, it’s become too soap operatic, too contrived.

This is what I consider double snobbery. It says, “I was into Downton when it was cool, before the hoi polloi started watching it. Now it’s become common and vulgar”.

And the term “soap opera” is thrown around like it’s a bad thing. Every successful minseries that has ever aired on TV has been a soap, from Roots to Thorn Birds. Get over yourself.

There was so much mewling last week when cousin Patrick showed up with a Canadian accent. So what? At least last night, when half the house came down with Spanish Influenza, they didn’t start speaking in Espanol.

How about Lord Grantham’s brief affair with the maid Jane? Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Not sure what he saw in her. Maybe he was just lonely. Maybe a couple of years of wearing those military jodhpurs every day made him horny. But there was passion burning up the halls.

And here’s my theory for season three: the poisoning death of the evil Mrs. Bates #1? I think Mr. Bates will turn out to be innocent after all and Thomas will be revealed as the real culprit. The butler always does it. Or the footman. Or whatever he is.



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