Lady Gaga goes gaga for ‘Chicago Fire’

Lady Gaga made a special appeal to her 20 million (!) Twitter followers last night: Watch the debut of NBC’s first responder drama Chicago Fire, you little Monsters.

What had the Lady of Strange so motivated? Well, the show stars her boyfriend, the impossibly hunky Taylor Kinney. She attended a premiere party with Kinney and the cast and sent out a number of tweets during the show including the breathless one (below) when Rahm Emmanuel made a cameo.

Lady Gaga is all atweet over this guy

Even with Gaga’s promotion, Chicago Fire drew only 6.4 million viewers, while over on ABC, the first episode of Nashville was pulling in 9 million. Among the night’s new shows, the big winner was actually Arrow on the CW which was watched by 4 million.

Trust me, by CW standards, that is huge!

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