Kookiest commercial on TV?

OK, so I’m watching Star Wars Episode III on Spike, easing towards a Fourth of July mood. And this commercial comes on. At least I think it’s a commercial. Because I started to think that maybe Papa John put the wrong kind of mushrooms on my pizza, if you know what I mean.

Imposing ancestral building, got that. Tradition of hard men. Sure, been there. Then down the long hallway comes this guy who looks like an escapee from the Insane Clown Posse.

At the end he walks in a room and is glared at by a panel of guys. I think I recognize ESPN football analyst Keyshawn Johnson (who I don’t like) and boxing trainer Freddie Roach (who I do).

And I get that this is for Jagermeister and you’re probably going to tell me there’s a whole ad campaign behind this that makes this freak show perfectly understandable.

But I don’t care. As soon as the guy walks in the door wearing the silly grease paint on his eyes, you’ve lost me.


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