Katie Couric: Big Bucks to Kill 'General Hospital'?

Katie Couric is reportedly in talks to jump to ABC in a move that would kill 'General Hospital'.

There are reports that CBS’s outgoing news anchor is negotiating a $20 million deal with ABC to host an afternoon talk show that would replace General Hospital.

CBS lured Couric over from NBC’s Today in 2006 to anchor its Evening News. Despite a $15 million salary, the Gidget of news was unable to lift the broadcast out of third place.

That hasn’t put a dent in her perceived value. Several sources are reporting that Couric is working out the details on an even bigger deal with ABC that would give her a syndicated talk show.

Couric, 54, would also get to host 20/20 specials and fill in as anchor of the evening news. Her talks with CBS broke down this week, because the network reportedly felt she was demanding to maintain too high a profile in the news department.

Her hour-long ABC talk show would debut in September 2012, airing in place of what will soon be the network’s one remaining soap, General Hospital.

When contacted, a representative for Couric said, “There is a lot of speculation and misinformation out there. But no deal has been reached with any party."

In the TV business that statement usually translates as “Expect the deal to be announced after the weekend.”


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