Kathie Lee Gifford: crystal meth mama

Kathie Lee (right) and Hoda taste the fruit of the vine

 This morning, on the extended time edition of Today, co-host Kathie Lee couldn’t help bragging about her teenaged daughter Cassidy’s new acting gig (see video below). Then things, as they tend to do with Gifford, got weird.

Gifford, 57, talked about visiting the set of the CBS hit Blue Bloods to watch Cassidy, 17, tape her cameo.

“They were filming at a bar,” said K-Lee. “Apple doesn’t fall far.” Haha. We’re pretty the tree in this case has spilled more than the apple will ever absorb.

"Cassidy and her girlfriend come in a little tipsy and start flirting with Tom Selleck's younger son at the bar," said Kathie-L "and then they go off to the bathroom because the girlfriend wants to do a hit of coke."

Here’s where things went off the tracks, as Gifford feigned pride at her daughter’s drug plot. "I told her, 'Good for you, Cass!'" said the chat vet. "Good for you and save some crystal meth for mama.”

Isn't this the theme of the Stones' song, "Mother's Little Helper"?

Blue Bloods got some favorable publicity today when CBS announced that singing stars Carrie Underwood and Tony Bennett would play themselves in the second season opener (Sept. 23). The two will duet on the imperishable chestnut “It Had to Be You”.

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