John Cena arm wrestles Michael Strahan: Who wins? VIDEO

John Cena made quite an appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael this morning, still basking in his victory over Alberto Del Rio in Boston on Sunday in the WWE Survivors Series on PPV. Yeah, John, we see the belt.

The wrestler and host Michael Strahan continued their ongoing macho bluster, but this time things got physical, with an arm wrestling match. Best of three. Don’t you dare say this is fake!

So what happens if, instead of mano a mano, these two guys go at it full-tilt in the ring? Who wins that match? Maybe we’ll find out tonight when Strahan is the guest star on a three-hour edition of Raw (8 p.m. on USA).

On the undercard, Kelly will be fighting Regis in a cage match.

(Can't see the video? Click here)


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