Jimmy Kimmel: What’s next for Gosselin brood

Life will have to go on, off-camera and unsubsidized

TLC announced Monday that this will be the final season of Kate Plus 8. Obviously this is bad news for Kate Gosselin. It means that now she will have to start paying for her own vacations, home improvements and other luxuries instead of having sponsors foot the bills.

The children’s father, Jon, expressed relief that the kids will finally be out of the artificial and strained environment they have lived in for the past several years.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host suggested that the kids may have sustained damage from their pressurized fishbowl existence and might require considerable professional help to recover their equilibrium.

He presented the promo (see video, below) for a clever made-up show that should be good for what ails ‘em. It stars, of course, TV’s glutton of dysfunctionality, Dr. Drew.


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