Jimmy Kimmel: The perks of Emmy hosting


It’s good to be Jimmy Kimmel. After years as an also-ran, his late night show is swapping time slots with Nightline. moving into direct competition with Leno and Letterman. And many people feel Jimmy Kimmel Live! has the energy, inventiveness and wit to come out pretty well in that battle.

He’s also hosting the Emmy Awards later this month on ABC, a job that as you can see in this clip, brings with it some very enthusiastic brownnosing.

If you’re keeping score at home that was Rico Rodriquez of Modern Family doing Jimmy’s taxes, Jane Lynch, last year’s Emmy host, blowing his leaves, True Blood’s Joe Manganiello showing the plumber’s crack, Beth Behrs of 2 Broke Girls washing his car and John Krasinski of The Office serving as his pediffeur.

One last thing: Kimmel is from Brooklyn. So he’s got that going for him too.


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