Jessica Simpson brakes hard for Weight Watchers [Video]

Only in America could the casting for a diet company TV commercial be considered news -- at least I hope this is the only country that would happen in. But the announcement that Jessicca Simpson has teamed up with Jennifer Hudson for a Weight Watchers ad has been getting a ridiculous amount of attention online and on TV this week.

Apparently this is a coup – like getting DeNiro and Pacino in a movie together. Only it’s not. The insatiable appetite for any sort of celebrity gossip has destroyed all sense of proportion.

But I digress. It’s another Weight Watchers commercial I wanted you to see. This one features a solo Simpson with a whole lot of ranch dressing. Check it all out – the flannel shirt, the blue jeans, the cowgirl boots, the beatup pickup truck. It’s all pretty downhome, ain’t it?

You know what caps it off? That irresistible golden retriever sitting next to Simpson in the truck. Too precious.

Well, keep an eye on what happens to the poor dog when Simpson drives past and then hits the brakes.


Oops, stopped a little too suddenly, Jess.




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