'Jersey Shore'’s New Crib in Florence

It's Casa de Jersey. Relax. Have a cocktail.


We’re getting our first glance at the palazzo in Florence that Snooki, the Situation, J Woww and the rest of our bronze party savages will be moving into next month. (Props to Radar Online for the photo.)

Casa dolce casa takes on added importance as the fourth season of Jersey Shore begins taping in Florence in May.

The historic city’s mayor, Matteo Renzi, has decreed that the MTV reality show may not shoot scenes with Spanky and Our Gang Snooki and our gang in establishments that serve alcohol or in the vicinity of any of the city’s legendary landmarks.

Yo, you’re breakin Pauly D’s heart here! You have any freakin’ idea how much he was looking forward to visiting the Uffizi and the Pitti Palace?

The booze ban means the cast will have to work harder than ever to earn their newly negotiated salaries of $100,000 an episode. All the drinking and fighting will have to take place in close confines inside the house. J Woww may have to lose her mighty right hook and learn to jab instead.

Makes you wonder why they’re going to Italy at all. If they can’t go outside, you could shoot season four in a rented house in Perth Amboy and no one would know the difference.

But you have to give it to the guys. They’re making real efforts to acquaint themselves with the culture and heritage of the old country.

Ronnie in particular has mastered how to say a vast array of curse words in Italian. Now he’s working on insulting native gestures. And Vinnie has done some fascinating research on the cradle of the Renaissance.

Did you know, for instance, that it was the Medicis who invented the tanning bed?

Quick shoutout to Jersey Shore castoff Angelina Pivarnick. The guida-non-grata announced today that she is with child. She’s got herself a situation here!


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