Savage Satire of ‘Jersey Shore’

That's Martin Short as Vinnie and Snooki in his one-man 'Jersey Shore' spoof

It’s not hard to spoof Jersey Shore. The MTV reality show practically begs to be parodied. But it is a challenge to lampoon Guido Nation when you’re playing all the roles yourself.

That’s what SCTV and Saturday Night Live veteran Martin Short pulled off on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He unveiled the trailer to a project he called “a labor of love”: Jersey Short.

The comedian impersonates everyone from the muscle bound Ronnie to boardwalk troll Snooki.

Warning: the clip (below) is a little raunchy, but if you’re a regular viewer of Jersey Shore, you’ve seen far worse. Although we have to ask: Marty, what’s with the pickle?

Which housemate do you think Short does best?




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