J. Lo gets teased for her Oscar overexposure on ‘Idol’


Busy program last night on American Idol for the first live show of the season as the 13 male finalists duked it out with ballads. But there was still time for Steven Tyler to make fun of Jennifer Lopez for showing a little too much , um, cleavage at Sunday’s Oscar telecast.

There’s been something of an online dustup since the Awards show over two things: Angelina Jolie’s bare leg and Lopez’s plunging gown which seemed to reveal more than she may have intended.

Steven Tyler wasn’t about to let that moment go unmarked as you see here.

Notice the way Ryan Seacrest immediately looks off camera to get guidance from the producers about how to play this: go along with the gag, or censure Steven.

Oh, yes, there was some singing as well. Were you as surprised as I was that the singer the judges chose to bring back was basso profundo Jermaine Jones? Really? Even with a song tailor made for him – Luther Vandross’s “Dance with my Father” – he doesn’t seem like Idol material.

I would returned David Leathers Jr. How about you?



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