‘It’s Always Sunny’ trailer unveils Fat Mac

Is that you, Mac? The first promo for September’s season debut of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is built around a newly obese Mac (Rob McElhenney). He’s put on more than 50 pounds and now must cope with the anguish of a runaway appetite. As Dennis (Rob Howerton) admonishes him, “There’s more to life than piles of food.”

The promo is amusingly framed so that the scabrous comedy looks like an earnest Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, right down to the concerned friends gathered around Mac in his hospital bed..

McElhenney has said he gained the weight because he thought it would make for funny story lines. This we have to see because at first glance he looks like Robert DeNiro at the end of Raging Bull.

But you have to give credit to the guy: 50 pounds is a hefty commitment to comedy.

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