Is that Cee Lo? No, it’s Urkel

Cee Lo Green’s bumping new music video, “Cry Baby” is old school (see below). And we’re not talking about the ‘60s set design, costumes and cars. Or the honking Motown-style baritone sax.

It’s nostalgic because filling in for Cee Lo is actor Jaleel White who was once and will always be the sitcom sensation Steve Urkel, the nerdy, adenoidal, chaos- inducing neighbor on Family Matters.

White's comeback began earlier this summer with a role in the kids’ film, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.

In this amusing, highly stylized video, the sleepy-eyed White lip syncs Cee Lo’s vocals and handles the doo-wop style dance moves, all while breaking a young woman’s heart. That why he is known, in the video at least, as the Lady Killer.

Great song. Wild casting.


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