‘Idol’ makes its first cut


I’m tempted to gloat. Did Dave on Demand call it or what? But first the climactic moment from last night’s live show. When the voting results were revealed after a fluffy hour that included performances by Mary J. Blige and last season’s runner-up, Lauren Alaina, your bottom girl was Elise Testone and the bottom guy was Jeremy Rosado.

Here’s how the judges ruled.

Couple of things there. Notice the way J. Lo. shifted the blame onto us? “Faced with the choices America gave us…” Ahem. Like, how could we possibly get it so wrong? Plus isn’t it ironic Idol should go from a baker’s dozen to a genuine dozen by cutting the singing doughboy?

The "look back at the journey" pastiche is always sad for the first few eliminations because a) we don’t know them that well and b) there’s not enough footage to make it stick. How do you like this season’s new gangplank theme – Scotty McCreery’s “Please Remember Me”?

Anyway, those of you who read yesterday’s blog will recall that I predicted Rosado would be the boy on the chopping block and that the judges would elect to send him home rather than the female. What I was wrong about: I thought Shannon Magrane would be the bottom girl (she finished next to lowest) and I foresaw copious tears from Lopez when Rosado was jettisoned. She was disturbingly dry eyed.



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