‘Idol’ judges ready? Set, fight


After endless speculation and negotiations, American Idol finally set its official judging panel over the weekend. As expected Mariah Carey will be the queen bee. As rumored Nicki Minaj and country star Keith Urban will be joining her. And good ol’ Randy Jackson will round out the table.

And he may be forced to referee. The judges got down to their first day of work yesterday at auditions in New York and according to insiders on the set, Mariah and Nicki were going at it BIG time. TMZ reports that when Minaj sought to comment on a singer, Carey would dismissively break in.

This happened repeatedly. So when Mariah would try to cut her off, Nicki started talking louder. And Mariah would raise the volume of her objections. On and on. Game, set, scratch.

Things got ugly real fast.

This could be nasty season. I mean, have you seen those women’s fingernails?




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