‘Homeland’ 2nd season trailer: How nuts is Carrie?

Okay, we’ll concede that Carrie Mathison was both hyper and obsessive about Sgt. Brody not being the returning war hero he seemed to be at the end of the first season of Showtime’s gripping Homeland. The thing is, as crazy as Claire Danes’ CIA operative character acted, she was also right about the P.O.W. played by Damian Lewis. (Both actors have received Emmy nominations for their performances, deservedly so.)

You may recall that when we last saw her, Carrie had gone so far off the deep end that she was being administered shock therapy. Now she’s been held on a psychiatric ward for six months.

And roll film…

Yeah, I don’t think that electro-shock had the desired effect, do you? Carrie still seems lasered in on one and only one thing: proving Brody is a traitor. But can she convince anyone else these are more than the ravings of a paranoid schizophrenic? Stay tuned. The season begins Sept. 30.


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