‘Glee’s’ (accidental) tribute to Whitney (video)


It was sheer serendipity (if under sad circumstances). During last night’s Valentine’s Day episode of Glee, Mercedes (Amber Riley) belted out a powerhouse version of the Whitney Houston (by way of Dolly Parton) classic, “I Will Always Love You”. See for yourself.


The inclusion of the song merely four days after Whitney’s death was purely coincidental (although the producers did include a “dedicated to” card at the end of the show.) The theme, as you might expect on V-Day, was love songs. Nothing but love songs.

We got Glee’s usual crazy grab bag of styles and eras, from Nat King Cole to the Association to Gym Class Heroes. Mercedes provided the showstopper.

Along the way we also got to meet Rachel’s two dads (played by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell) who seemed a little flashy for Lima, Ohio. And it was the debut for new cast member, and God Squad recruit Joe (Samuel Larsen, Glee Project winner). He was wisely introduced as a sophomore, so no expiration date on this dreadlocked keeper.

If you watched (or read about) Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, you know that the primary tribute to Whitney by her peers was a stirring rendition of (you guessed it) “I Will Always Love You” delivered by Jennifer Hudson. Here’s how that one went.


A little rawer of course and far more emotional. And Hudson, let us remember was singing live. Which version do you prefer? I’m savin’ all my love for Whitney’s rendition.