'Glee': We Demand a Recount

The Warblers were robbed.

Last night’s ‘Glee’ brought us the show choir regionals with Kathy Griffin as one of the judges, doing a kooky spoof of a Sarah Palinesque politician.

As usual, Rachel flies solo

New Directions won! They’re going to Nationals in New York! Boo!

Obviously for plot purposes, they had to advance. But that doesn’t make the outcome any less ludicrous.

The big twist was that New Directions were performing original songs, compositions written by members of the glee club. Big whoop.

Neither ‘Get It Right’ nor ‘Loser Like Me’ held a candle to the Warblers’ rendition of Pink’s ‘Raise Your Glass’.

No choir would adopt the strategy of singing original songs in a competition. It’s a recipe for disaster because a) it’s dubious that high schoolers could create passable material and b) half the appeal of these contests is hearing clever arrangements of familiar hits.

Not that it matters on ‘Glee’ anyway. Choral performances rarely happen on the show. Almost every musical number consists of a soloist with backup singers. As Kurt rightfully complained of the Warblers, ‘Sometimes I feel like we’re Blaine and the Pips’.

Ah, well, I did like one of kids’ original ditties: Santana singing her love song/insult to Sam: ‘Troutymouth’. Captain Beefheart would have been proud.

OK, you be the judge. Did New Directions deserve the trophy?     

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