Gene Simmons’ kid sings on ‘The X Factor’

The X Factor brought its travelling circus of auditions to Providence R.I. last night. Things started kind of rough, but picked up. My theory: a lot of candidates circled this date on their calendars figuring they wouldn’t face as much competition as they might in a bigger city.

And maybe that’s what 19-year-old Sophie Tweed Simmons was thinking. She’s one of the family jewels of Kiss’s tongue-tastic impresario Gene Simmons and former centerfold Shannon Tweed, both of whom showed up to watch her burble an Adele song. I’ll reserve my comments until after you’ve seen the audition.

OK, a few things. At a certain point overdoing plastic surgery becomes anti-cosmetic and starts to look freaky. Also did you buy that charade that Demi Lovato just recognized Sophie as a club kid? I suspect Lovato was slipped notes. I just don’t believe the producers, after spending hours capturing footage of the Tweed Simmons backstage, would take a chance on letting their presence slide by the boards.

I do think Sophie was disappointed, however, to have her parentage revealed.

The big question, of course, is do you think Sophie would have made it through on talent alone? I’m dubious. Mostly because I think The X Factor is so desperate for any kind of ratings bump that they would eagerly exploit a celebrity angle, even one as hoary as Kiss.

Also because I wasn’t that impressed with Sophie’s talent. Not when compared, for instance, to 15-year-old Dinah Jane Hansen (yeah, she’s 15) who did this to Beyonce earlier in the night.


So you be Britney for a minute. Does Sophie get your vote?


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