Funniest line of the year? On last night’s “Modern Family”

We’re all familiar with tough guys giving their fists names. Like Death and Destruction. Or Masher and Blitz. It’s become such a cinematic cliché that even funny guys do it. Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. Or Ron Burgundy in Anchorman.

But leave it to the Emmy-winning Modern Family to come up with the best combination ever.

Man's man Phil Dunphy

On last night’s episode, Haley gets ripped off by a guy who is supposed to provide her and her friends with fake IDs. So Jay, Phil and Cameron go all vigilante running out to the car to track the thief down and get her money back.

Mitchell tags along to make sure nothing untoward happens. When Cameron yells, “Shotgun” to claim his car seat, a terrified Mitchell screams, “No weapons!”

Anyway when they get to the guy’s house in Covina, Phil gets out of the car holds up his fists and promises to give the kid a taste of “England Dan and John Ford Coley”,.

That’s it. Comedy perfection. A reference that’s both so obscure, so inappropriate and so very Phil. Nicely played. Modern Family.

 Unfamiliar with England Dan and John Ford? Take a listen to their biggest hit, “I’d Really Like to See You Tonight” from 1976 (see video below).

From this moment forth, I am referring to my own knuckle sandwiches as Brewer & Shipley.



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