Eric Stonestreet: Drunk at the AMAs? Maybe a little

Maybe Taylor Swift should just skip awards ceremonies completely. Even when the willowy blonde is winning, something embarrassing seems to happen. Take Sunday night’s AMA awards. Country Female of the Year for the fifth consecutive time, but all anyone could talk about was how soused her presenter, Eric Stonestreet (Cam on Modern Family) seemed to be.

Last night Stonestreet came on Jimmy Kimmel Live! To defend himself. Initially he pleaded to being a little “tipsy” on stage. Then Jimmy showed him the actual footage for the first time. You be the judge.


That really wasn’t the worst part. The cringe moment came when Swift swanned up to get her statuette and Stonestreet appeared to be playing keep-away with it. Watch as she reaches for it again and again only to have him whisk it away.

Sorry for the drunken burlesque. We love you, Taylor.




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