Death threat on ‘Celebrity Rehab’

Temperatures flare on 'Celebrity Rehab'

It should have been such a nice occasion. The inmates patients on Celebrity Rehab last night were enjoying Family Day, an episode where their significant others could come in, have a nice meal, shoot the breeze. Very civilized.

Not for long. (see video, below) Jeremy Jackson (only known best known for playing Mitch’s son, Hobie on Baywatch) invited his mom and his sister, Taylor.  Sis was remarking to castmember Amy Fisher that she hadn’t put two and two together when her brother told her he had become good friends with Amy during their stay. Her reason: "Because you didn't introduce yourself as Buttafuoco face shooter."

Whoa, totally uncalled for. Fisher’s husband, Louis Bellera got understandably upset with the gratutuitous insult. Taylor had a meltdown and when Dr. Drew tried to find out why she was weeping and gasping for breath,  Jeremy incredibly explained that  Taylor had made a “flippant, endearing” remark that got taken the wrong way.

Louis then turned his ire on Jeremy, screaming, “I’ll kill you where you stand!” and variations thereof. Jeremy’s mom went inside to call the police, a prospect which clearly made Dr. Drew very uncomfortable. What's up with that, doc?

Hey Louis, we’re all in favor of picking on someone your own size, but maybe not with the one guy in the house who is detoxing from steroid abuse.



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