‘Dancing with the Stars’ gone wild

Pop quiz: who was senior Dancing with the Stars jurist Len Goodman castigating on Monday night when he told contestant Shawn Johnson, “Shawn, if you go home tomorrow, don’t blame me, blame these two!”

a) Bruno and Carrie Ann b) Tom and Brooke c) Emmitt Smith and Daryl Moose Johnston d) Derek Hough and Mark Ballas

If you guessed D you are correct. Bear in mind, Len was in a super-cranky mood last night. Somebody is not getting enough fiber. But one of the features last night was a trio dance, and Shawn was joined by Derek, her regular partner and Mark for a bit of the wild rumpus – a samba with a tribal flavor. Here it is.

What do you think? Was Len right or was he being too technical? And why was I thinking of the feral child in Mel Gibson’s The Road Warrior the whole time I was looking at Johnson?

Anyway, tonight is the dreaded – or long-awaited, depending on your perspective – double elimination. Here’s what the leader board looks like factoring in Monday night’s scores:

Melissa and Tony: 99

Shawn and Derek: 93.5

Kelly and Val: 92.5

Emmitt and Cheryl: 92.5

Gilles and Peta: 92

Apolo and Karina: 91.5

Kirstie and Maks: 79

How about that? A dominant Melissa Rycroft. (Well, dominant in everything but Monday’s dominatrix number.)




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