'Dancing with the Stars': A sublime semifinal

Mark Ballas and Chelsea Kane smolder on the ballroom floor.

 All four terpsichorean teams elevated their games for the Dancing With the Stars semifinals last night. It was exhausting merely to watch Ralph and Karina, Kirstie and Maksim, Chelsea and Mark, and Hines and Kym rehearse and perform three routines each. Imagine how difficult it must have been for the contestants.

Kirstie Alley let us in on her training secret: five meals a day and getting as much sleep as possible.

Whatever the four semifinalists are doing, it’s working, because the performances last night were stellar. One highlight: the rumba delivered by Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas (see video below). It earned them a perfect score.

The other dance that received the highest possible marks from the judges last night was the Argentine tango of Hines Ward and Kym Johnson. Lovely, yes. But I think they got some sympathy points for the courageous way Kym fought back from the neck injury she suffered earlier in the week.

The two couples with perfect scores faced off for the bonus cha cha round at the end with Chelsea and Mark unanimously awarded the extra 15 points, placing them atop the leader board.

Lowest? Ralph Macchio, who seems fated for elimination tonight.

So who do you like to win the whole shebang? Chelsea, Hines or Kirstie?




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