‘DWTS’ recap: Three finalists named


Maybe the announcement of who was going home last night, in Dancing with the Stars’ ninth week wasn’t that much of a surprise. Here’s how it went.

After all, Maks and Hope had been playing a nasty game of nasty with the judges for weeks. On Monday’s performance night, Hope Solo on an open microphone said she didn’t even want to look at Len, Carrie Ann and Bruno as they made their comments after the dance. Only she expressed it in far stronger language, words that kept the ABC censor on his (or her) toes.

And then Carrie Ann basically told Maks to wipe the smirk off his face. So yeah, there was a little hostility in the ballroom.

Interestingly, breaking with tradition, Hope and Maks did not make an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night or on Good Morning America today. Perhaps the producers and the network were afraid that the two of them might take some stinging parting shots.

But let’s back up. When this season started, how many of you saw this group as the final three: former talk show hostess Ricki Lake, disfigured war veteran and soap actor J.R. Martinez and irreality hanger-on Rob Kardashian? How long has it been since the finals on DWTS didn’t contain at least one professional athlete?

If Martinez’s ankle injury doesn’t improve, and Derek Hough doesn’t figure out some way to lift Lake without stumbling, Kardashian could actually win this thing, which I believe is mentioned in the book of Revelations as the final sign of the apocalypse.

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