Closing Olympic blunder for NBC

All the Spice Girls looked pretty Scary


These may be the words for which we will always remember the London Olympics. They were uttered by Bob Costas during the Closing Ceremonies as the epic “Symphony of British Music” was building to a crescendo:

“We’ll be back from Olympic Stadium in about an hour for the London closing party featuring The Who. But stay tuned now for a full episode of Animal Practice, the new NBC comedy presented commercial free.”

That’s right, the network that had already taken the liberty of cutting out Ray Davies singing “Waterloo Sunset” and deleting the entire performance by Muse, the band that wrote the London Olympic theme, decided to move the Who into the wee hours so that it could promote one of its new sitcoms. But this one’s got a monkey!

What expert was giving you musical advice, NBC? Ryan Seacrest? Little advice for next time in Rio. You can keep Jessie J and the Spice Girls. We’ll take the Who. Or maybe we won’t watch at all. Then we can be sure we won’t get fooled again.



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