Chris Brown Goes Ballistic on 'GMA'

Singer Chris Brown wanted to promote his new album, ‘F.A.M.E.’ (Forgive All My Enemies) on ‘Good Morning America’ earlier today. Anchor Robin Roberts was intent on wedging in a more substantive interview.  The result was not pretty.

Brown reportedly had a meltdown in his dressing room, yelling at a producer of the morning show, screaming obscenities and throwing a chair into a window, sending shards of glass raining onto the busy intersection of 43rd and Broadway. Scheduled to perform another song, a shirtless Brown instead stormed out of the studio.    

Chris Brown expresses his displeasure, storming shirtless out of 'GMA''s studio.

Roberts  had interviewed Brown back in 2009 after his felony assault arrest for battering his then girlfriend Rihanna.

The anchor used the opportunity of Brown’s appearance to grill him once more about the incident, for instance, asking about the fact that the terms of his restraining order had recently been reduced.

Looking increasingly restive and upset, Brown, his hair bleached Sisqo blond, sat on a stool  while his band members stood silently in the background, waiting to perform.

He answered each of Roberts’ questions brusquely but kept trying to bring the discussion back to the new CD, designed to rehabilitate his image. But the newswoman continued to bore in.

A tight-faced Brown performed his hit, “Yeah 3X” and then went directly to his dressing room where his anger about what he felt was an ambush exploded.

Guess he still has a little work to do on that whole forgiving his enemies thing.


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