Chaz Bono hits the dance floor

You can pretty much tell who the producers of Dancing with the Stars expect to be the biggest draw. It’s the contestant who goes last on opening night. As the competition began its 13th season last night, that honor belonged to Chaz Bono.

How’d he do? Judge for yourself (see video below of his cha-cha with Lacey Schwimmer). Len, Bruno and Carrie Ann gave them a 17. (The top scores were earned by singer Chynna Phillips and soap actor J.R. Martinez, who tied with 22s.)

Chaz rehearses with partner Lacey. Those shoes look painful.

This observer thought Chaz showed a certain Jackie Gleason-like grace.

He certainly wasn’t the worst dancer last night. By general consensus that would be NBA star Ron Artest who dyed his hair parakeet yellow ala Dennis Rodman and dressed like Norton from The Honeymooners. (Hey, two Gleason references in two paragraphs. Not too shabby.)

Ron, or as you may know him, Metta World Peace, notched a 14.

Chaz’s mom was not in attendance, but she seemed delighted digitally, tweeting, "WOW! HOW GREAT WAS MY SON! THE GREATEST THING, GREATEST THING, GREATEST THING NO MATTER WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! HES A WINNER! I Was So Nervous!"

Who did you like on DWTS last night?



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