Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cee Lo's homophobic slur

The singer insults a music critic with a sexist slur

Cee Lo’s homophobic slur


Oops! Seems Tracy Morgan isn’t the only popular African-American entertainer on NBC with a gay problem.

The same day that Morgan formally apologized in Nashville for some gay-hating comments in his standup act, Cee Lo Green, judge on NBC’s The Voice, landed in hot water of his own.

After receiving a scathing review of a performance last week in Minneapolis, Cee Lo tweeted Andrea Swensson of City Pages: “I respect your criticism, but be fair! People enjoyed last night! I’m guessing you’re gay? And my masculinity offended you? Well [expletive] you!”

That last sentence evoked the original title of Cee Lo’s biggest hit, which was bowdlerized for radio to “Forget You”.

Initially Cee Lo tried to pass it off as a joke, telling US Weekly. “[She] was very critical of me. At the time I didn’t even know what gender the person was. I was being a little outspoken that night… I assumed that whoever it was would assume it was all in good fun. It wasn’t taken so well, apparently.”

Today he made an outright apology.

Step right up. Who wants to be next to open mouth, insert boot?

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