Bootcamp for 'Bridesmaids' star

Joel McHale may be the busiest man in show biz. Between hosting The Soup, starring in Community and performing standup on weekends, he could lap the perpetual motion machine that is Ryan Seacrest .

But McHale still took time out of his hectic schedule to train Melissa McCarthy for her gig on Thursday morning announcing the Emmy nominations. (See his eccentric methods in clip, below). McHale performed the task last year.

McCarthy is quickly gaining momentum as a comedienne. The actress who was so good in Gilmore Girls and stars in the hit CBS sitcom Mike & Molly, most recently stole the big screen comedy Bridesmaids.

You’ll notice McHale doesn’t seem well informed about her body of work. But he sure knows how to create a warrior.

Eye of the tiger, Melissa; eye of the tiger.


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