Bloody hell: the new ‘Spartacus’ trailer

Sharpen your swords. The Spartacus: Vengeance trailer is upon us. Hail, Caesar!

The graphic gladiator series returns to cable’s Starz in January with Aussie actor Liam McIntrye as the title character. McIntyre was cast after the series’ original star, Andy Whitfield withdrew in order to receive cancer treatment.

Spartacus: A new gladiator is in town. (Starz)

As you can see (below) in this mature audiences only trailer, the show hasn’t dropped a stitch. Vlad the Impaler would blanch at the violence on display. It looks like more of the action this year will take place outside of the arena. Plus you get to see a brief bit of Lucy Lawless going all Lady MacBeth.

Dexter, eat your heart out.


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