Big Turkey day flubs for 'American Idol' singers


What were you thankful for on Thanksgiving?

This year’s American Idol finalists were probably just grateful to see the holiday end. They both had “oops” moments on national TV that are going to live on YouTube long after Randy Jackson is just the answer to a trivia question.

Runner-up Lauren Alaina sang the Star Spangled Banner before the kickoff to the Packers-Lions game. She got a few lines in and then the word just escaped her as you can see here.

Come on, Lauren. It’s TWILIGHT, for Pete’s sake. Every 17-year-old girl in America has that word emblazoned on the tip of her tongue. News flash: Bella is pregnant. Earth to Alaina.

She recovered well and sang extremely well, but one more quibble. It’s “at the twilight’s last gleaming”, not “through the twilight’s”.

Meanwhile, the 18-year-old who beat her out, Scotty McCreery, was a featured float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. He was to sing his new single, “The Trouble with Girls”. You can see what happened after Matt Lauer gave him the big intro.

A little slow on the pickup there, Scotty. Kind of ruins the illusion. Maybe those earflaps were a little too tight.

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